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Return Policy


Not all items are returnable, and some have restocking fees. Please review your invoices for any special considerations for items.

To request a pickup of your returns, please visit, to fill out our online request form.

To see our Return Policy in full, including example photos - please read below or download the PDF here .


Returned products must be in resalable condition

• Resalable means free from conditions that distinguish the product from its original form (i.e., scratches, nail holes, saw marks, dirt, warping, etc.)
• Any product sold in bundles/packs must be returned in its full, original form.
• Most new, unopened merchandise can be returned within 90 days of purchase, unless noted otherwise on the invoice.

Stock Items Returned to Store

• Returns for purchases with valid proof of purchase will be exchanged or refunded to the original form of payment.
• Cash sales will be refunded with either cash or check, depending on the dollar amount of the refund.
• Refunds paid out via check will be processed within 2 business days.
•If a cash sale was over 45 days, store credit will be issued.
• Returns for purchases made with a gift card or store credit will be refunded as store credit.
A Northwoods Lumber employee will need to review items and complete a Return Form prior to any credit being given back to the account.

Special Order (SO) Products

SO products are products that are not stocked in our stores and are ordered specifically for your project.
• There are few occasions when an SO item can be returned to the Vendor, but it is subject to their individual policy and may include a restock fee.
• If a credit is available, it will be refunded to you after we receive our credit.
• Any freight or added fees will not be refunded.
• Some of these SO items are Custom-made and designed specifically for your project. Therefore, they are not returnable to our vendors and cannot be returned for credit.
Steel products are not returnable to our vendors and cannot be returned for credit.
• We do stock a few selected colors that can be returned but with a restocking fee.
• Many of the steel products sold have warranty requirements regarding the accessories to be used during installation. Please take the time to review and understand these requirements to help minimize unused items.
• Exceptions can be made when materials are not made to specification or arrived defective or damaged.

Pickup of Returns

Requests for pickup of return items will require a form to be submitted by the customer PRIOR to the pickup being scheduled.
• The form is online and can be accessed via the QR code on the bottom of your invoice, or you can go to:
• If you do not have access to filling out an online form, paper copies can be made available at one of our stores.
For us to pick up Returns safely and efficiently, materials should be prepared as follows:
• Materials should be collected in one location and easily identifiable.
• Product should be protected from the elements, neatly stacked, separated by type, and placed on blocking for easy pick up by a forklift or boom.
• A picture of the stacked returns and their location on the jobsite may be requested before pickup is scheduled.
If the pickup of returned items does not coincide with another delivery to your job site, a Trip Fee will be charged.

Return Pickup Examples

Not Acceptable

Not Acceptable

• Not stacked neatly.
• Not placed on blocking for forklift access.
• Placed on uneven ground.



• Neatly stacked.
• Items easily identifiable.
• Placed on blocking for easy forklift access.
• No debris/garbage mixed in with items.