Quote to Delivery Policy

Our Policy on Quoting Delivery


Quote-to-Delivery Policy


• Because of varying building practices used by individual contractors, the actual number of materials used may vary from the quoted quantities. Please check for any errors or omissions.
• Our quotes expire after a specified period. Please note the expiration date listed on the quote and understand that any orders made after this date are subject to price variance caused by market changes.
• Our experienced Sales Team will provide quotes based on material lists, drawings, and other written information specific to the project. Any changes requested or made by the contractor or project owner after the quote is delivered may have a significant impact on the overall cost of the project.


• Any orders or changed orders placed over the phone will be asked to confirm the request via text, email, or signing off in-store.
• Special Order (SO) Products (requires signed SO Agreement)
• When Northwoods Lumber has to order products that we do not stock, your item(s) is referred to as a Special Order. Special Order items are identified on your Quote/Estimate or Order, by "SO" as the first two characters in the Item Number. The following terms and conditions apply to all Special Orders:
• If the Special Order comes to $500.00 (plus tax & delivery) or less, a deposit for the full amount must be paid before ordering. Orders more than $500.00 (plus tax & delivery) require a minimum of 50% down.
• Down payments are only allowed for customers who have established a Charge Account. Non-Charge Accounts require full payment prior to the order being placed.
• Special Order returns are allowed only if returnable to our supplier. Credit will be refunded to you after we receive our credit. A minimum 25% restocking fee may apply.
• Northwoods Lumber Co. makes every effort to quote an accurate price and delivery time for your Special Order. All delivery times quoted are based on information we receive from our suppliers and are for estimate purposes only. Please keep in mind that these are estimated times and delays beyond our control can occur. • Please be 100% certain of your order.

Custom-Made Products

• These items are ordered and designed specifically for your project. Therefore, they are not returnable to our vendors and cannot be returned for credit.
SO and Custom-Made products should be picked up or scheduled for delivery within 2 weeks of being received in the Northwoods Lumber Yard. Due to limited space, these items may be moved while in the yard for logistical purposes, therefore, Northwoods Lumber will not be held responsible for damage to these items after 2 weeks of being received in our yard.


• Copies of any Invoices (or other documents) will only be given to the listed Accountholder for those documents. Northwoods Lumber will not give any documents to non-account holders (i.e., homeowners) without Written Consent from the Account holder themselves.

Delivery Charge

• A Trip Fee is charged to all jobsite deliveries. Please work with your Salesperson to help consolidate your deliveries as best as possible.
• Please note that this fee may vary depending on the type of delivery and market/economic conditions.