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Job Site Tips: Good Roofing Practices Build roofs and flashing with a slope of at least 1/4” per foot Provide at least a 4” overlap of flashing to prevent wind-driven rain Provide counterflashing at least 8” above the roofing surface Good roof ventilation protects the underside of the roof Always use the correct size nails Make sure the skylight is designed for the pitch of the roof Always follow manufacturer’s specs


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7/28/16 7:30am until 7/29/16 5:30pm
We are hosting a huge warehouse sale on Thursday, July 28th & Friday July 29th.
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Supporting the fighters. Admiring the survivors. Honoring the taken. And never, ever giving up hope.

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Spirit, grit and determination made us who we are. It inspired Raymond DeWalt 90 years ago and it’s what drives us today.